September13, 2021
by admin

Weddings in different cultures

Who doesn’t like weddings? We believe that it is a great event and they are always surroun

July13, 2021
by admin

Blog Arts & Crafts

As fashion continues, there is more and more interest from people in being able to persona

May27, 2021
by IAAM academy


Pastry is considered a type or variant of gastronomy that specializes in the preparation o

May11, 2021
by IAAM academy

Event Planner

ENGAGEMENT RING Engagement rings have a long tradition dating back to ancient times. Manyy

April26, 2021
by IAAM academy

Candle Decoration

Candles are a perfect decorative resource for any place or situation and have become a tre

April23, 2021
by IAAM academy


Today I will talk about decorative adhesive and textile vinyl, which can be used to decora

April22, 2021
by IAAM academy


On this occasion we are going to talk about the flowers and the decorations that we can ma

July8, 2019
by IAAM academy

Giant Paper Flowers for Events

Perfect for setting the mood in all of your events , and if you do them yourself you won’t

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