April22, 2021
by IAAM academy

On this occasion we are going to talk about the flowers and the decorations that we can make with them, for events or decorating your home, it will look beautiful because you can place them in vases with varieties of them or if you have a special style you can choose for that special flower to combine in different shades.

A beautiful and simple option is to set up a table for dinner with a vase in the center accompanied by flowers and some candles creating a romantic environmnet.

Colors are always very important since they are the protagonists of the decoration.

For example, red represents passion, white represents love, pink is beautiful and delicate, so you can combine different species and colors.

There is a great variety of combinations and here are some examples:

• Roses and Lilies: A beautiful bouquet where roses are accompanied by lilies that provide a charming white detail.
• Romantic Combo: Red Roses with Pink Roses in different shades.
• Gerberas: Gerberas for their bright colors can be combined with each other, creating a cheerful bouquet or decoration.
• Roses and Alstroemerias: Combination of the classic pink flowers combined with purple Alstroemerias, would make an excellent flower decoration to inaugurate a new home or a birth.
• Roses, Calla Lilies, Veronica and Chrysanthemums: It is a fresh option that combines with various shades such as pink, white, blue, and green, colors that generate freshness and charm.
• Lavender and Jasmine: It is a simpler option with a natural style.

Remember that these are just some options and ideas, because the final decision is yours and with flowers you can create endless combinations using your creativity.



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