May27, 2021
by IAAM academy

Pastry is considered a type or variant of gastronomy that specializes in the preparation of desserts.

Excellence in the art of baking is due to the knowledge and good use of techniques and the quality of the result varies according to them.

The presentation and decoration of the dishes must be taken in extreme care. For this reason, colors, shapes and textures are explored to awaken the appetite and curiosity of the diner.

Within the confectionery, various types of products and basic materials are used.
The essential is the sweetener. The use of refined sugar is common, but products such as honey, cane sugar, muscovado sugar, artificial sweeteners, etc. can also be used.

The use of wheat flour, eggs, fats such as butter, margarine, oil, and lard is very common, as well as the use of animal or vegetable gelatin, fruits, nuts, cocoa, creams, essences, flavorings and colorants, among many others.

The basic pastry classification encompasses the categories of cakes, jellies and puddings.

• Cakes: They are all the desserts made with flour and butter, for example; pies, tarts, puff pastry, shortcrust pastry, cakes, etc.

• Jellies: these are very easy to make, with the exception of decoration techniques, which are quite complex. They can be made with animal or vegetable gelatin.

• Custards: They are mixtures that curdle and their texture is similar to gelatin, the difference is that they are made from eggs. You can also use milk or a substitute.

A more specialized way to classify pastries would be the following:

• Cold desserts: Which by their nature include puddings, floating islands, creams, meringues, liquor fruits, jellies, bavaria, mousses, rice desserts.

• Hot desserts: Such as puddings, some creams, soufflés, crepes, cooked fruits, certain rice desserts, carlotas, etc,

• Fried desserts: What are the ones to be fried in oil and they are; fritters, sweet empanadas, sugary fried bread, churros, etc.

• Ice cream-based desserts: Sweet and delicious simple ice creams, sorbets, perfect ice creams (parfaits), frozen foams, frozen cakes, ice cream with creams, etc.

Baking is an art in which you have endless resources to create wonderful things.

Join the magical world of baking, it’s fun and you will love it.


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