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May11, 2021
by IAAM academy


Engagement rings have a long tradition dating back to ancient times. Many
years ago it was a sign that the bride had received the dowry, and over time
the engagement ring became the romantic symbol we know today.

The engagement ring represents the promise of marriage and symbolizes the dedication and commitment to your partner.
The shape of the ring shows its meaning: it is circular – without beginning or end and has become a universal symbol of eternal love and eternal fidelity.
The meaning of the engagement ring has not stopped changing throughout its history, up to the present day.
In ancient times it was believed that the ring finger had a direct connection
with the heart, so the loved person wore the ring on the left hand, the side of the heart, as a sign of infinite love and eternal union.
During the Middle Ages, the woman received a ring from her lover as a promise of marriage; this was taken so seriously that women were forbidden to wear a ring just for fun.
Later, the so-called twin rings appeared. A pair of rings that are worn together.
There was also another tradition in which the man wore his ring until the
wedding, after which he gave it to the woman, who from then on wore it as a wedding ring.
In our day, an engagement ring is a fundamental part of the official
announcement of a wedding. The man is usually the one who chooses and
buys the ring. In some countries the value of the engagement ring depends, for example, on the income of the man.
Obviously the material and size of diamonds also play an important role in all countries, but for most women the individuality and meaning of the
engagement ring remain as the main thing.
For most of the women, the traditional meaning of the ring continues having a special importance, and they wear it as a symbol of eternal love and fidelity totheir partner.


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