Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of use

In order for our school to function effectively, we have created Terms and Conditions of Use that will serve to have a better relationship with you. If you do not agree with these policies, we feel we can not enroll in our online school, or use any site on our website. You must accept these terms when you first enter our school or when you subscribe to our site. To understand each other better we will use the word “school” to refer to the online school or study platform (where all the website content is hosted, including the school) as the website owner will use the word “You” and “Student” to refer to you, students, participants, subscribers or users of the website.

Your information

The information that you leave us with your registration or subscription allows you to provide a better service and will never be sold, transferred, exchanged, shared or delivered to another company for any reason without your explicit consent. The e-mail address provided by you will be used exclusively by us to send relevant messages to your purchase, newsletter or online school notifications. It is your responsibility to be honest about the accuracy of the data entered when you register. If you have provided false or inaccurate information, register a profile on behalf of another person or any other form of identity theft, we reserve the right to prohibit you from accessing this website.

Protected rights

IAAMM has all the rights over the intellectual property of the contents of this website, the texts, images, illustrations and documents. You must respect and understand that everything you read or see in school and the rest of the website is copyrighted and that it is illegal to copy, reproduce, sell, transmit, distribute, republish, modify, share or display for any use , whether commercial or not, without the prior explicit approval of IAAMM.

Conditions of Payment for Courses at The International Academy of Arts MM Patronized by Sugar MM Products LLC are as follows:

Once the initial payment or deposit is made for said course, no refunds are accepted, In place of a refund you may exchange for a different course or product within a maximum time frame of no more than 6 months.


The school has courses that include a plus of personalized advice and this we do through the forums. The forums are places where students consult information and also ask questions and teachers advise. If the teacher is absent for a trip, she will leave a substitute teacher, otherwise your teacher will answer your doubts upon return, and will take the necessary time depending on the accumulated emails.

Language and behavior

The school encourages good manners and education in the community and forums, as people from different cultures, countries, ages and ideologies participate. Our space is very special, it does not give rise to violent images and texts of bad taste, in our community we only limit ourselves to the experience with. Students upload photos of their work and share their experiences. It is forbidden to use or copy photographs or material uploaded by other students or by teachers without proper authorization.

Termination of the agreement

IAAMM reserves the right to admit classes, cancel registration, suspend access to the school and subscriptions to the user or student who considers that has violated the terms and conditions of use described here or has acted inappropriately, alone discretion when it deems it convenient, without it having to make any notification or incur any responsibility.

IAAMM reserves the right to suspend access to classes of the month or cancel the subscription to the user who considers that he has infringed the terms and conditions of use described here and may suspend, modify or terminate the provision of the service offered by IAAMM.

 At your sole discretion at any time, with or without prior notice, without for that reason being liable to you or to third parties in the event that you exercise said rights.

Acceptance of conditions

When you register for an online course and / or when you use my website you accept these terms and conditions of use. If you have any questions or comments about our Terms and Conditions of Use, please contact us (609) 308-8302 / (908) 249-9169.