Lorena Cesena (Nina)

Lorena Cesena, better known as Nina, came to the world of balloon art in 1995 since at a very young age she began to know the area of promotions and that is where the idea of promoting basic decoration to corporate events arose.

Over the years, she achieved a certification as a Certified Balloon Artist and began to grow like wildfire, being hired by high-level companies such as Coca Cola, Disney and Mattel.

Already feeling sure of what she knows, she begins teaching in her community, where she met many people who are now colleagues and respect her.

She really enjoys seeing people applying their knowledge and becoming successful decorators too, Nina likes to share her knowledge with whoever needs it.

Nina likes to surround herself with colleagues from all over the world and attends all conventions, Las Vegas, New Orleans and Mexico to name a few.
Her motto has always been “It doesn’t matter how much money you have, but who you know”

Much loved and respected by artists around the world Nina continues to grow as an Artist and that is why she likes to be part of different teams such as Team USA at the World Balloon Convention, parades in her city and also in a balloon with the Latin Convention in Los Angeles California.

Now with 25 years of experience and with her own business she has a successful list of clients in her family business.

Certified Balloons Artist Certified Balloons Artist instructor